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Brian Krümm -- Hi! My name's Brian Krümm. I'm a published illustrator specializing in children's books, cartoons, graphic design, logos, websites, and more.


Hi there and welcome! My name's Brian Krümm and I illustrated the puppy-pile you see above. Russ, the fella in the middle, stars in an upcoming children's book called "First Came Russ", written by Torie Santos. I'd also like you to meet Eartha the sea turtle. Eartha's story is based on a real-life Loggerhead sea turtle rescued in Juno Beach, Florida. Eartha stars in the children's book "The Tale of Eartha the Sea Turtle", which is receiving great reviews at Barnes & Noble and Author, Dan Bodenstein, needed an illustrator and I was honored to bring his story to life. Perhaps it is YOU who has a story to tell, a picture book to be made. Whether your story has moments of joy and sorrow... Moments of trust and compassion... Moments sublime and sometimes silly... Let's work together to capture those treasured moments in time. An illustration means more than an arrangement of well-drawn figures. The images in your story must also have that special quality which connects to the heart of the reader. If you need illustration work done, characters created, or artistic direction of any kind, please let me know. I'd love to help you. Thanks for viewing!


BRIAN KRÜMM -- Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Brian Krumm

"THESE ARE THE BEST CLOUDS EVER!" - is what my second grade teacher cheerfully announced to the class as she held up my drawing. It's truly amazing how a few kind words from a teacher can have such a profound and lasting impact. I'll never forget what she said... Hi, my name's Brian Krümm -- that's pronounced KROOM, like ZOOM or BOOM :) -- and I've been drawing ever since I could wield a crayon. I started my artistic career early with selling my galaxy paintings on the side of the road, drawing the cover of my school's yearbook, and illustrating the County Fair's magazine cover. I designed websites for teachers, students, the drama club, animated the school's alumni logo, and illustrated a flying bus character for the school's newsletter. Currently, I've had the pleasure of illustrating 6 books (3 published and 3 in the print phase). In addtion to children's books and picture books, I create logos, restaurant menus, websites, flash animations -- any artistic project you can imagine.


I work from home and my rates are very affordable. Whether you're a big-time publisher or an individual with a careful amount to spend, let's work together to create a plan that fits your budget. No project is too small. Just let me know what you need. Once we explore your ideas and the artwork you're after, we can continue through email, speak on the phone, or meet face-to-face if you'd like - whatever works best for you. Right now, the world needs a little more kindness, a little more collaboration, and a little more creativity. I'm glad to be sharing a little bit of what I know. Many thanks for your time and consideration. Cheers!


"Brian is an extremely talented artist. He is illustrating a children's book for me, and with simple direction takes words and puts them into a vision. I highly recommend him to anyone needing illustrations done in any medium." -- Daniel Bodenstein, "The Tale of Eartha the Sea Turtle"


"First Came Russ" - Children's Book Illustration

Torie Santos approached me with the very exciting task of illustrating her first children's book. "First Came Russ" stars Russ, a friendly, cuddly, and sometimes mischievous puppy. This little guy's adventures are inspired by Torie's own English Labrador Retriever. Russ' story is cleverly written to encourage participation from children ages 6 and under. Torie's manuscript has been read aloud in multiple classrooms and received glowing reviews from kids, teachers and parents. Everybody loves Russ! It's truly a delight to capture Russ' romping and playful nature through illustration, and to help guide Torie towards her first publication. Stay tuned for updates on when you can order your copy and get your paws on "First Came Russ!"

"The Tale of Eartha the Sea Turtle" - Children's Book Illustration

"Illustrator Brian Krümm does an admirable job with bright colors and happy fish faces, depicting an ubeat undersea world worthy of Disney or Pixar..." --

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iPhone version available here Reviews:

"The book has very brightly colored illustrations that were found highly attractive when I shared the story. In fact, they made me stop and go back a couple times to get to see the pictures again."

"This is a really cute book with an amazing message that gets kids excited about marine life and conservation. Illustrations are extremely vibrant and adored by my 3 year old son."

"The pictures are vibrant - they really bring the story to life. It is a great way to show your child a variety of different animals that live in the sea."

"Beautifully illustrated, the story focuses on how people are working to save their fellow creatures, and that even the smallest among us can have a profound effect!"

PRLog (Press Release) - "Brightly and cheerfully illustrated by Brian Krümm, "The Tale of Eartha the Sea Turtle" is an enjoyable cautionary fable with a main character as lovable as any animated Disney heroine."

Based on the true story of a sea turtle named Eartha, this enchanted tale teaches children the importance of helping animals who become injured due to man's negligence. As a full color project, Eartha's undersea world offered many opportunities to use fun visual effects, such as water splashing, rippling waves, and reflective light cast upon the ocean floor... In addition to the book, I was invited to illustrate 6 printable coloring pages... along with images for the website and a test animation for a flash game featuring Eartha. Have a look at for more information about Eartha and her story.

"The Nature of Human Nature" - Chapter Book Illustration

Buy Here! "The Nature of Human Nature explores the unique position of the Homo sapiens in the animal kingdom. You might think we're the only species to do things as unnatural as use contraception or eat junk food... but you'd be wrong!" - Dr. Carin Bondar. Dr. Carin Bondar asked me to illustrate her book, featuring 60 unique black and white line art cartoons. The challenge and fun of this project was the large amount of research and design of a massive spectrum of characters from the animal and insect kingdom. Click here to learn more --

"My First Singh / Kaur Book" - Children's Book Illustration

What began as a personal project for the author, Parveen Dhillon, turned into a set of four children's books (two picture books and two coloring books) funded and endorsed by the Lohgarh Sikh Educational Foundation. Of the two companion books one stars a brother and the other a sister (geared towards boys and girls respectively) and each book highlights some of the basic and key teachings children of the Sikh faith are introduced to at a young age. Parveen wanted the characters of the brother and sister to be playful and cheerful. Each image is a snapshot of an event which illustrates a Sikh message for that particular page. I used a "flat color" and "cell shading" technique for the visual style throughout the majority of both books.

"ShoGame Ent." - Illustration, Logo, Print, Apparel, Website, & MySpace Design

For this project I was asked to create a graphic image of Hustleman - a hip-hop artist from the California Bay Area - and the record label he's attached to, ShoGame Entertainment. I worked closely with Hustleman to fully understand and capture the hip-hop artist's personality, and to represent his style of music in the characters, logos, and various apparel. In addition, I created several characters for the record label and designed "Hustledough" - a promotional print out - which Hustleman distributes at concerts and events. When his online presence began, I also constructed the first version of his MySpace page that was online from 2006 to 2009. I designed every visual aspect of the ShoGame Entertainment website and am responsible for the HTML coding and web technologies. I maintain contact with Hustleman and presently work with him on new and exciting projects.

"Myrtle Featherweather" - Website Logo, Flash Logo, Website Template Mockup featured celebrity handwriting analysis. The site's contributor and owner, Marie Sooklaris, commissioned a logo and character of a grandmotherly figure in her home office. Since Marie was located in San Francisco, California, I included the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in the background and incorporated several elements of her business to portray the image she was after. The original illustration recreates Myrtle's entire office space. In addition I created a flash version with animated effects. Before Marie's website was online she also commissioned me to create a template for her site so she could submit the concept to her web designer for ideas and inspiration.


Are you ready to receive a quote for your next project? Do you have any questions or comments? Please let me know. Even if you don't have a clear idea for a project, that's okay, I'm happy to help you with that too! You can also email me directly at:

I look forward to hearing from you!


Brian Krumm - Illustration, Children's Books, Cartoons, Graphic Design, Logos, Websites

Brian Krumm -- Hi! My name's Brian Krumm. I'm a published illustrator specializing in children's books, cartoons, graphic design, logos, websites, and more.

Brian Krumm - - is proud to create illustrations, children's books, cartoons, graphic design, logos, websites, picture books, and more. Find your illustrative needs for childrens books, cartoons, graphic design, logos, websites, picture books, freelance art and artwork, board books, educational, trade, novelty, holiday, young adult, jackets, packaging, fantasy, animals, learning, family, graphic novels, pixel work, vector art, Flash animation, food, history, drawing, character design, caricature, humor, multicultural, religion, scientific, mascots, and comics. All from the published artist who illustrated "The Tale of Eartha the Sea Turtle" written by Dan Bodenstein, and "The Nature of Human Nature" by Carin Bondar.

Brian Krumm